Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss – Lose Express of Pounds and Inches

Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss – Lose Express of Pounds and Inches

Raspberry Ketone: Fat-Burner in a Bottle

 Raspberry Ketones Plus Australia

Why Raspberry Ketone?

raspberry ketones plus australia

raspberry ketone plus australia

When you see a bowl of fresh delicious raspberries, one of the first things you noticed is the aroma. An absolute amazingly pleasant smell that immediately captures the senses. Though what is it that creates this wonderful smell?
Inside berries lies a compound referred to as “ketone“. It is the ketone that, although present only in extremely small amounts, causes the berries to omit an aroma. Though very sweet smelling, the aroma, according to a recent episode of the famous TV show “Dr. Oz“, is not the only purpose found within raspberry ketones.
The very respected and very popular ABC television show based on the advice given by Dr. Oz, recently aired an episode in which focused on the raspberry ketone uses involved in the treatment of weight loss.
Dr. Oz asked his special quest, weight loss expert Lisa Lynn, to explain to him and the studio/TV audience the relationship found between the raspberry ketone supplement she was introducing on his show, and how it could be used to effectively burn excessive weight and fat stored within the body.
Lynn told Dr. Oz that the ketone rich supplements that she had been using to treat weight gain in patients under her care had effectively shown dramatic results in reducing fat in their bodies.
Dr. Oz Demonstrates ketone Affects With Balloons;
One of the unique aspects of the “Dr. Oz Show”, is how the Dr. utilizes visual aides to help the TV and studio audience better understand exactly “how” and/or “why” certain things effect the body, or organs in the body. buy raspberry ketones plus australia
In this particular episode, Dr. Oz uses red, air filled balloons to represent fat cells in one’s body. To visually represent the raspberry ketone supplement, Dr. Oz used liquid nitrogen. Taking the nitrogen (ketone supplement) and pouring it onto the balloons (the body’s fat cells), the Dr. demonstrated that raspberry ketones cause the fat cells to shrivel up.2
Indeed, that is an adequate representation, however, in actual research, studies show that the ketone found within the raspberries actually regulates a protein called “andiponectin”. The body uses the protein andiponectin to effectively regulate metabolism and cause fat cells to become easily broken down and burned for energy by the body.1,2,6
100mg Of Supplements = 90 lbs Of Berries!
Another key feature regarding the raspberry ketone supplement being discussed on the show was the equivalent amount of berries needed to produce the same amount found in the supplements. raspberry ketones plus australia buy
As stated during the Dr. Oz Show, it would take approximately 90 pounds of raspberries to produce the equivalent found in one 100mg capsule of raspberry ketone supplement. Although the truth is, quite a lot of the ketone found in the supplements are synthetically produced in a lab.
Although the guest expert on weight loss, Lisa Lynn, also stated that there are no major side effects found in the use of raspberry ketone for weight control or fat burning2, it is highly reccomended that anyone that considering using the this or any product as part of their weight loss efforts should consult a medical doctor.


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